Cheap International Calls – 3 Ways To Save Money

Cheap international calls were once the dream of students studying abroad and every company in the export business. But, thanks to the huge advances in telephone technology, they are now a reality. Just about anyone with a connection to the internet, can get huge savings on their calls to other countries.

In this article we'll briefly explain three of the systems you can use to make cheap calls to almost any part of the world.


Skype is an application that enables you to communicate with other people over the net using instant messaging, your own voice, or video. The great thing about Skype is that as long as the person you are talking to is also a Skype user, all calls with whatever medium you use are free!

You can also use the program to make calls to the landlines and cell phones of people who are not registered with Skype however these are not free.

Opening a Skype account is simple, you just need an email address. Once registered all you have to do is download the software. Skype operates on all systems including Windows, Mac and Linux as long as you have a broadband connection. You can use your computer's built in microphone and speakers or a headset to talk and listen to the other person but, if you want to use video, you'll need a Webcam.

Prepaid calling cards

Another way you can make long-distance calls is to use a prepaid calling card. Cards can be purchased online so it's worth shopping around for deals. There are two types of cards: PIN cards where you have to remember a long string of numbers and PINless cards where you don't.

It's a lot more convenient to use a PINless card, instead of having to remember a complicated PIN number you just dial their server number to be connected. With either card you will save money on your international calls.


SIP stands for “Session Initiation Protocol” The program uses a technology system called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which allows you to make calls over the internet. But unlike Skype you don't need to have a computer you can use a “hardphone”.

A hardphone looks just like a desk phone but instead of being connected to a landline it's actually connected to the Ethernet.

Or you can use the system with a “softphone” which is just a program that you can download to your laptop or desktop computer. Using either of these systems will allow you to make international calls at no cost, or really cheap.

So there you have it, Skype, PIN and PINless cards and SIP, just three of the ways you can use to make cheap international calls and save yourself a bunch of money.

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